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HomeKit vs. Z-Wave – quick comparison

Z-Wave vs. HomeKit

What’s the difference between those two standards, HomeKit and Z-Wave? Well, the answer is not so simple and straightforward. Both those technologies have their cons and pros and it is important that the choice should be tailored for the prospective user. The philosophy behind each of those protocols is completely different and no chart will be able to truly able to present it. Future articles will tackle some differences more thoroughly and they will narrow down the area of comparison. For now, however, please check out the table below which highlights the most prominent characteristics of HomeKit and Z-Wave.

Protocol HomeKit Z-Wave
Controller / Gateway Apple TV 4K

Apple TV (4th gen)

Apple iPad (iOS 10+)

Apple HomePod

e.g. Fibaro Home Center 2*

Vera Control VeraEdge

Fibaro Home Center Lite

Communication technology Wi-Fi


Automations Yes (called automations and scenes) Yes (called scenes)
Voice commands via Siri can be integrated with:


Google Assistant

Ease of use fairly easy fairly complicated
Access via PC or Mac no yes (via web browser)
Devices hundreds thousands

*when it comes to the Z-Wave controllers, there are tens of them so I’ve chosen the most popular ones as an example

If you have any questions about HomeKit or Z-Wave feel free to ask!


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