Fibaro Single Switch – great start to Apple HomeKit platform

Apple HomeKit ecosystem is just start developing. However, those modules, devices, lights, switches were often quite expensive, not so elegant or not so versatile so far. This has changed with the release of Fibaro Single Switch, a little module which can control many things. If you want to look it up in some online shops, please beware, because they also have a Z-Wave version, so for HomeKit compatibility you need to search for: FGBHS-213.

Home app with Fibaro Single Switch

Fibaro Single Switch was designed to fit in into standard electrical junction boxes. It is really important because due to its flexible nature, we can use it to connect theoretically any electric device. It is possible to wire this module to a light switch or AC power plugs and sockets.

Compact size facilitates the installation

Unfortunately, as the name suggest, Single Switch allows to control only one circuit so it is not possible to control two sets of lights independently, only one set at the time. As far as build quality is concerned, the module is tough, solid, and is not easily breakable when you jam it into a junction box.

Single Switch in a (too) big box

Fibaro’s module comes secured in a box which also includes a “Quick Start Guide”. This short manual will guide you through first steps and how to setup it in the junction box:

Single Switch wiring diagram

To sum up, due to the versatile possibilities of this module, it is a perfect device to start the journey with HomeKit platform as a home automation. Of course, without additional modules it is impossible to do many automations but Fibaro Single Switch is still more capable than a simple HomeKit light bulb (e.g. Philips Hue).


You can check out how did I installed my Fibaro Single Switch  (FGBHS-213):

Fibaro Single Switch and Neutral-lacking installation

Ease of use6.9

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