Koogeek LB1 Bulb – Smart light for HomeKit (WiFi)

I bought Koogeek LB1, Lb1EU with E27 base to be specific, in December. I have to admit that the product, packaging, and manuals are really well made, as far as this price point is concerned. ...
Home Automation

HomeKit vs. Z-Wave – quick comparison

What’s the difference between those two standards, HomeKit and Z-Wave? Well, the answer is not so simple and straightforward. Both those technologies have their cons and pros and it is important that the choice should ...

Fibaro for HomeKit – an elegant app for your Home

There are many ways and apps for controlling your smart home devices, or as in this case, HomeKit devices. Theoretically, every company behind the HomeKit devices develops their own app for their accessories with some ...

Fibaro Single Switch and Neutral-lacking installation

This article is about the installation of the switch which was previously reviewed in the article: Fibaro Single Switch – great start to Apple HomeKit platform As a power user of a variety of modern ...

Fibaro Single Switch – great start to Apple HomeKit platform

Apple HomeKit ecosystem is just start developing. However, those modules, devices, lights, switches were often quite expensive, not so elegant or not so versatile so far. This has changed with the release of Fibaro Single ...